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Common Services

  • Engine Oil and Filter
  • Engine Coolant/Antifreeze
  • Engine Air Filter
  • Gearbox Oil/Transmission Fluid
  • Engine Air Filter
  • Accessory Drive Belts
  • Brake Fluid

Common Issues

  • Check Engine Light
  • Dash Warning Lights (ie. SRS, ABS)
  • Failure to Pass DEQ Testing
  • Engine Knocking/Pre-ignition
  • Oil & Coolant Leaks
  • Suspension Noises / Control Arm Bushing Failure


In terms of performance-per-dollar, MINI Coopers cannot be beat. Outstanding design and advanced technology have made the MINI an instant modern classic with awesome aftermarket support for those that want to go even faster.

We perform all maintenance and major services for MINI. We recommend an oil change every 5-6k miles and a major service every 30k miles, which is what MINI refers to as Service 1 and Service 2 combined. This includes an oil change, brake fluid change, coolant change, gearbox oil, engine air filter, cabin pollen filter, and accessory drive belt.

For the supercharged cars we recommend a new drive belt tensioner at 60k miles and a harmonic balancer at 100k miles. We use a combination of both genuine OEM MINI parts and superior aftermarket parts. We only use the best available parts in our repair and servicing of MINI Cooper vehicles.

The most common issues with MINI are various dash warning lights including check engine and SRS warning lights. We utilize advanced computer diagnostic systems that help use locate the offending system or part quickly. A failed DEQ test is also relatively common and is usually related to malfunctioning ignition or emission control systems, or being out of tune.

Other common issues include engine knocking on the turbocharged MINIs, oil and coolant leaks. We've seen hundreds of MINIs over the years and know where they are most likely to leak. For coolant leaks, we bring the system up to operating pressure to show leaks that would only occur while the car was in operation.

MINIs are known to have control arm bushings that prematurely fail. Symptoms include abnormal or accelerated tire wear or unusual suspension or under body noises, especially over bumps or rough road.

We can help you maintain your MINI to keep it running as it should for years to come.