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Common Services

  • Engine Oil and Filter
  • Engine Coolant/Antifreeze
  • Engine Air Filter
  • Gearbox Oil
  • Engine Air Filter
  • Accessory Drive Belts
  • Brake Fluid

Common Issues

  • Clutch/Hydraulic Failure
  • Air Conditioning Failure/Leaks
  • Loss of Power/Misfiring


The purest embodiment of the British sports car, performance through lightweight. Each Lotus is a handmade machine devoted to performance before all else. We specialize in the iconic Esprit but can also perform repair, maintenance and major services on the newer Elise and Exige.

We recommend performing major services every 3 years or 30k miles, whichever comes first. This includes engine oil and oil filter replacement, coolant change, brake fluid change, gearbox fluid, engine air filter, accessory drive belts, and timing belts and tensioner bearings.

Common issues with the Esprit include clutch or hydraulic failure. Symptoms range from unusual or loud clutch noises or a complete lack of response from the clutch pedal when depressed. Air conditioning issues can arise if a Lotus sits for extended periods of time or if the air conditioning system rarely gets used. The solution is a service of the air conditioning system along with ultraviolet dye leak detection.

A lack of power, especially under acceleration, can usually be addressed with a comprehensive tune up with any combination of a throttle cleaning, checking the turbo operation, spark plug replacement, engine air filters, spark plug wires, coils or coil packs if necessary. Performing a major service can also help in restoring lost peformance.